The Magic of Two

My daughter, Blair, turned two this week. These have quite possibly been the fastest two years of my life. While I have never really been into my birthday, her birthday is completely different. It is fun because it is her birthday, and that means cake. It is also kind of like a celebration for Robby and me making it through another year of parenthood! Yay us! Definitely worthy of celebration.

Having a kid definitely gave me a new perspective. Priorities have obviously shifted, and if the past two years have been any indication, they will keep shifting.  Nap times and bedtimes pretty much rule our lives. I feel like I have learned a new language over the past year called toddler. And I have basically adapted to functioning in a constant state of exhaustion. Even the type of exhaustion has evolved. In the beginning it was more of the sleep deprived exhaustion. Now it is more like answering a million questions and constantly being on the move type of exhaustion.

Sure there was the time she ate dirt and a crayon in the same day. Or an hour ago when she said “oh shit” about 100 times in a row. All in all, I think it is going pretty well. I think one of the best things parents can do for each other is have a little real talk with each other. If we just go by what the magazines and movies tell us, parenting is this harmonious thing and kids are angels all the time. They leave out the parts about emptying and loading the dishwasher multiple times every day (gah, my current nemesis), or that poop is going to be a main topic of conversation, meltdowns are going to happen in public, and you, as a parent, are probably going to judge yourself way too harshly. (guilty) We have to laugh together at the ridiculous things that happen as we try to raise these tiny humans.

One of the best things about raising Blair so far is, in a way, experiencing childhood all over again. And that is where the magic comes in.

One of her biggest joys in life right now is pillows. Can you imagine finding so much joy from a pillow? I mean I love a good pillow too, but I can’t even explain to you how obsessed she is with pillows right now. Hats are also a gold standard in this house. As well as her booty and toots. What can I say, we run a classy household. It is nearly impossible to not be infected with her joy and laughter. Joining her in pure joy of the simple things has been a major highlight of the past two years. 

The other great thing about having a two-year-old around is that she is completely unaware of the complexities of life. Her biggest concern is where Froggy and Bunny are…and the aforementioned pillow. All the complexities of the world haven’t hit her yet.  Her friends are her friends because they play and have fun together. Their differences don’t matter. They don’t even know that there is such a thing as differences. What a brilliant thing to witness. I know this is going to end someday, and probably way too soon. 

I am going to soak up the magic of this age up as long as I can. That is until it changes and there is new magic to soak up in between all of the messy, frustrating, and hilarious stuff.

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