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Beth and Kristen have been friends for over 10 years (OMG we are getting old). We worked together for 6 of those years. Some (aka Beth) would have even referred to us as work-wives (a totally acceptable term of endearment). Even after Beth flipped the table on her career, we  remained friends. Close friends. The type of friends who don’t have to see each other all the time, or even talk all the time. But you know that person has got your back. The one who you text about your most precarious situations because you know that person is not going to judge you, but only offer unconditional support, advice and laughs.

One day they were texting (probably about periods), and thought “Hey, we are pretty funny.” We pretty much were always looking for ways to work together again – and one time even seriously considered opening a food truck together even though Beth can’t cook. Then the idea of this blog came. We both love writing. How often had we talked about real life stuff? We mean the real stuff that is messy and difficult and weird.  Why aren’t more people talking about it? So we thought Why don’t we be the people to start the conversation about this stuff?

So here it is. Real Always Wins. These blog posts are filled with our unfiltered truths. The, messy, perfect truths that are Kristen and Beth. 

About Kristen

Hello! This is Kristen. Numero dos in this mad team of real-ness. As I grow into my 30s, I realize more and more everyday that Real Always Wins, and that the masks I’ve worn throughout my life did nothing but hold me back. Real can be hard, weird, and scary but when we learn to accept ourselves, we grow and allow others to connect with us in ways that are much more beneficial than the false pretenses we pressured ourselves to throw out there.

In my writing, I’ll be sharing my attempts to tackle mom-hood as I roll through this life. I’m a wife, mom to three, and a high school English teacher who is gratefully focused on all three. In the snippets of my imperfectly perfect life, I hope to pass on to you something that sparks a laugh or maybe even a fire. Whether it be found in the mundane or in the dramatic, the place where you let your guard down and find your real self, real goals, and real purpose is a very empowering place.

About Beth

Hey there. Beth here. We are all about keepin’ it real here on Real Always Wins…see what I did there? So I’m gonna keep it real. I am not going to pretend like I have it all figured out because I don’t. Most days I still feel like I am 18 years old. Yeah, have I really been allowed to drive a car for over 16 years? How do I even have a kid – I mean I know how I have one, but still? I can be pretty awkward, and it took me a long time to see my introvert tendencies as a positive and not something I should try to change. There is one thing I have learned over the years, that I hate pretending, and frankly, I am no good at it. I mean seriously, never tell me a secret because if confronted about said secret, I am going to be awkward AF.

If you are here reading this bio, you probably have read something I wrote. (Well, I wrote this bio too…gotcha!) Everything you read in the blog is real. Real feelings (hey, I know those can be scary especially when said feelings go against a societal status quo), real experiences, real life learnings. You get the idea. You may or may not agree with or relate to what I write, but I hope it opens the door to more real conversations because, yep you guessed it, Real Always Wins.

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